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Guitar Lessons and instruction - Learn how to play Violin, Viola, and Cello Lessons

The stringed family is one of the most beautiful of instruments. Since there is no "breathing" involved, and not a percussive instrument, like the piano and drums, music can seem to continue forever! Unfortunatly the schools don't always offer stringed instruments in the school band, but we are proud to offer some of the finest musicians and instructors on our staff. Melody Music Studios is affiliated with a compony that offers instrument rentals and purchases (click to download the form) at affordable rates. A beginner can start out renting for about $20/month, so any one can afford it! And most of what you pay in rent can go towards buying an instrument anytime you wish. For the younger student, he or she will need a smaller size instrument, so renting is the best way to start, where the instrument can be returned for the next size up when the student outgrows his/her size.

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