Policies for music lessons at Melody Music Studios








Policies at Melody Music Studios

1. The monthly tuition is a flat rate per month regardless of a four or five week month. The 5th lesson(s) are applied to holidays, instructor vacation(s), and instructor cancellations. The following are MMS's official holidays: Thanksgiving day/Friday, Christmas-one week, and New Year's Day. Any 5th lessons not applied to a holiday or instructor cancellation will be billed to the responsible party in December or the final month's billing if lessons are canceled before the end of the year.

2. If the student does not attend the first lesson and does not contact the instructor or MMS, that lesson will be billed to the responsible party, and future lessons will be canceled unless the responsible party contacts the instructor or Melody Music Studios about continuing lessons.

2. If the student does not attend the first lesson and does not contact the instructor or MMS, that lesson will be billed 3. The first month's tuition will be prorated if begin after the 1st of the month for the number of lessons remaining in the month, and the responsible party's credit/debit card will be run one business day after the first lesson starting billing from the first lesson. If lessons are canceled by the next business day due to not being happy with the lesson (with a valid reason), the lesson is free. If continue, tuition is charged to the responsible party's credit/debit card on the 1st of each month starting the first full month unless a different date is set up with the office.

2. If the student does not attend the first lesson and does not contact the instructor or MMS, that lesson will be billed 4. If continue past the first lesson, lessons can be cancelled, postponed, or reduced in length by giving a 30 day notice. The responsible party must call or email the office of Melody Music Studios to give notice.

5. No refunds or credits will be given for lessons canceled by the student/responsible party for a scheduled lesson with instructor. Make up lessons are not guaranteed; this is up to the availability of the instructor. Please contact the instructor directly for possible scheduling. Make up lessons must be giving in conjunction with current lessons; lessons cannot be postponed in order to schedule make ups. However, during the months of June-August, lessons can be credited with a 30 day notice to the instructor or the office of Melody Music Studios. *If the student is showing signs of sickness, please cancel so not to spread your sickness to the instructor, and you will be given priority for a make up.

6. If lessons are canceled by the instructor, the student is guaranteed a make up lesson or a credit if a make up is not possible. Please call or email the office of MMS to let know if any credits are needed. Once this is confirmed with the instructor, it will be credited to the student's account to be deducted from the following month's tuition.

7. Payments are made directly to Melody Music Studios. No tuition payments are to be made directly to the instructor.

8. If the lesson(s) was canceled due to bad weather by either student or instructor, the instructor has a period of two (2) months to offer a make up lesson(s). If the instructor is unable to offer several options within the 2 month period, the missed lesson(s) will be credited to the student’s account. *Please note: if the instructor offers multiple times and the student does not accept any of them, the student forfeits the make up lesson(s) or refund.

9. The student can choose to be reassigned to another instructor at any time. If the reassignment was due to dissatisfaction with the instructor (with a valid reason), the 30 day notice will be waived, and any missed lessons during the reassignment will be credited to the students’ account.

10. All referrals must go through Melody Music Studios. Please do not give the instructor's contact information to someone you're referring, however you can contact the office by phone or email with the name and number if you would like MMS to contact your referral for sign up. There is a one time $10 discount to your account for each referral that signs up!!! Let your referral know they will also receive a $10 discount on the first month's tuition just for mentioning your name when they sign up!!

11. For lessons given in the students' home, please allow 15 minutes before or after the scheduled time for the instructor to arrive, due to sometimes unavoidable factors such as traffic, weather, and/or previous lessons going over their time for special circumstances

For comments, questions or suggestions, email us at melodymusicstudios@gmail.com, call 800-Melody 1 (800-635-6391), or text us. Customers agree to receive text messages and can opt-out by replying stop or help.