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Music Lessons In-home or studio
Questions? Email or call 800-Melody 1 (800-635-6391)

Are you interested in group lessons? Do you know someone that may want to join you?
Group lessons are a an inexpensive way for a beginner to learn the basics, plus it's FUN!!!!

If you have family or friends that want to join you or your child, we can set up a small group of 2 up to as many as you would like in a group. All students must be the same level, and approximately the same age. Group lessons are mostly for beginners, but can be for intermediate level as well. Group lessons are a great way for a beginner to learn the basics, however once the students begin to have different levels in the group, private lessons are then recommended.

*Melody Music Studios does not have an enrollment for group lessons. The group must be formed at registration.

Here are the rates for 45 and 60 minute lessons (30 minute lessons are not offered for group lessons):

Group of 2-40% discount per month per student
*Additional 10% discount for each additional student per student/month

To sign up, simply click here and enter YES on the group lessons field. Each student in the group must also register. Please also enter the names of each student in the group in the comment field.
For the rates and instructors in your city, click here, then click your state on the map and your you city.