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Piano and keyboard lessons at Melody Music Studios

Piano Lessons and instruction - Learn how to play

Piano/keyboard is one of the most versatile instruments to learn, offering rhythm, harmony, and melody. If you're unsure what instrument to choose, piano is a great instrument to start with, and easily transferrable to just about any other instrument. For a beginner, the student can start with keyboard. I suggest at least a 61 keys keyboard that is touch sensitve and has a damper pedal and usually costs about $100-$150. This is not only cost effective to start, but the student can wear head phones, if noice is an issue. After the first 6 months or so of lessons, I would recommend either upgrading to a full weighted 88 keys keyboard (about $450-$500) or an acoustic piano (upright, spinet, or grand). Since pianos are typically a life time instrument, a used piano will be just as good as a new piano.

Our instructors tailor lessons to the student's goals, interests, pace, and how each student learns. Whether you're interested in traditional or a more by ear approach, we will match the right instructor for you!

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Piano lessons and keyboard lessons are taught either at the convenience of the student's home, or at the instructor's studio. Each instructor's bio tells you where they offer lessons.