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Music and Emotions Tied to Health

Music and emotion

The mind and the body work together to create a healthy life. Music and emotions are often ignored, but can have an even higher impact in one’s life. Happiness and contentment are also essential to health and well-being. Music is a powerful and positive motivator to boost and improve our emotional spirit and overall health, especially when we develop the ability to actually interact with it. Instead of allowing music to be a background soundtrack or wallpaper to our daily activities, consider slowing down and really absorbing music on an emotional level.

Music triggers emotional memories

All of us have had the experience of being moved by a particular music piece. I cannot listen to Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits without experiencing a deluge of tears! This sort of musical emotional release may sound unpleasant, but it’s quite common and oddly, healing. Whether you experience awe, sadness, grief or happiness, interacting with music taps into emotional energy and intrigue.

As any performer knows, the whole point of music is to stir emotional energy. Pay attention to the music that surrounds you and stirs you. Note how music influences how you feel, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Music and Happiness

A recent article pointed to a group study in which participants listened to upbeat classical music while actively trying to feel happier.  Upbeat marches by Aaron Copland seemed to light up a happy energy in the participants. Participants were encouraged to actively engage in the music (moving, singing, drumming, etc) which enhanced the overall experience of happiness.

Parents of children who take music lessons often report that their child is happier and more content as they learn to play and sing. The overall nature of learning music- rhythm, sound, hand and eye co-ordination- contribute to a positive sense of well-being and ultimate happiness.

Whether you’re listening or playing music, focus and listen to what you are participating in. Creation, at its core, is a precious energy and the interplay of spirit and music is soothing and uplifting!

Music and Emotional Health

A 2009 study found that people who participated in music lessons as children feel that the experience vastly contributed to their level of personal happiness and fulfillment. Hospitals, retirement centers and convalescent homes actively recruit music talent as a part of their healing programs. Experiencing a music performance is akin to therapy, as it evokes positive feelings of contentment and a hopeful, positive energy.  A positive music experience actually makes patients not focus so much on their pain and as the brain is in charge of the body, nothing could be more healing that listening to music!

Emotional health influences blood vessel function and a positive reaction to music not only makes one feel great, but it results in increase blood flow. Singing lifts the spirit and makes one soar with delight!

Music, learning to play it, sing it or truly experience it, is a way to increase happiness and over all well-being.  Immerse yourself in some feel good music vibes today!