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Things to know when considering in-home or in-studio music lessons with Melody Music Studios

Melody Music Studios instructor with a young student at a recent recital

Both in-home and in-studio music lessons are available from most of our instructors at Melody Music Studios.

Let’s talk about the advantages of each of these educational settings. We can consider the attributes of each to determine the best fit for students of various levels of musical ability.

In-Home Music Lessons

Beginner students and young children and parents often prefer an instructor to visit their home for lessons. In-home lessons are easy on the child as it provides an immediate sense of comfort and familiarity. Parents are free from preparing the child to travel to a lesson, traffic considerations and scheduling other activities around a lesson.

Melody Music Studios also offers group lessons in home settings, encouraging siblings to learn and grow together in their musical journey.

Music lessons are a big step for young and not so young students. In-home music lessons alleviate concern about being in a new place learning a new skill around new people. In-home lessons help students learn to play music and sing in a comforting and casual environment.

In-Studio Music Lessons

In-Studio music lessons prepare a student for a “bigger stage” experience and are often a great choice for intermediate and advanced learners.

A music studio environment is similar to an actual recording studio. There are microphones, professional outboard gear like amps and effects, as well as a variety of musical instruments. Music lessons in-studio encourage a student to consider musical options. Could a music teaching career be for them? Would the student like to be a performer? A recording artist? A band member? A music producer?

In-studio lessons bring the student to a different level of learning and thinking. Studios are creative spaces and may encourage the student to ask the instructor about songwriting, digital mixing, and performance options.

At some point, the instructor and the student should decide about the best way to move from in-home lessons to in-studio lessons to prepare a student for recitals, competitions, auditions and other performance opportunities

Melody Music Studios can help you decide what’s best for your learning style…

Our staff is ready to help you discover whether in-home or in-studio lessons are best for you or your child. We all learn in different ways and we always encourage our students to think about how they learn best and then suggest an in-home or in-studio music lessons option.

However you choose to learn, begin today! We can help start you on a musical journey that can change your life and bring you joy!

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