A Whole New Approach in Piano Method Books by Melody Music Publishers!

Kathi Kerr at Melody Music Publishers-Author of new piano method books
Kathi Kerr-owner of Melody Music Studios, piano instructor, and author of a new piano method book series

Melody Music Publishers is a new series of piano method books written by Kathi Kerr, owner/founder of Melody Music Studios since 1989 and piano instructor since 1985. Ms Kerr writes books based on her many years of experience and knowledge on how students think and learn! This is a great series for music teachers to use or for the self learner!
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“I starting teaching in 1985 and writing my first two books in 1989, the ‘Rhythm Workbook’ and the ‘Note Reading Workbook’, as I felt the current method books didn’t give students enough note reading and rhythm drills to create a fluency in reading music. I would use these books along with a method book for the students’ songs. In the 1990’s, I wrote two more books on how to teach students to play by ear, since I found that most piano instructors that were primarily traditional were unable to offer that (‘How to Play Chords & Improvisation on the Piano’ and ‘Fake It Til You Make It’) . Although I would use method books along with my workbooks, I was never completely happy with the limited number of songs before moving on to the next level, causing frustration to the student. I never imagined I would be writing my own method books. Then in the spring of 2017 as I was teaching a student, I came up with the idea of one book that would include the rhythm and note reading drills and multiple songs within a set of notes and rhythm so students can master them before moving on to the next level. I imagined it being self paced, where students can play all the songs, or when ready, can skip to the next level. Thus my venture began to write this book. I wanted it to also include exercises and scales, making it the only book a student would need. I decided to compose the songs, so students would have to actually read the notes since he or she would not be familiar with them. Then in October of 2017, I finished the first edition of ‘Drill It and Kill It-Read Music Like a Pro!’ It’s a 200 page book with 5 chapters and 20 songs per chapter for ages 8-adult. Each chapter starts with ‘What You Need To Know’, outlining all the information the student will need for that chapter. It includes technique, practice tips, assignment sheet, practice chart, notepaper, and special exercises, along with what I mentioned earlier. The end of each chapter lets the student write their own song using what they learned in that chapter. And last, the end of the book has bonus Christmas songs for each chapter. “

Video for “Drill It and Kill It”

“My students were my guinea pigs who had been taking lessons for about a year, but still struggled to read fluently. Since using this book, they have thrived and are now sight reading, even passing songs they played for the first time! It’s so exciting to watch my students learn and grow, the whole reason I became a piano instructor to begin with!”

“By the end of ‘Drill It and Kill It’, the student has played in the C, G, and D positions. The 5th chapter includes notes outside the 5 note hand position, teaching the student to stretch their fingers and cross over and under. I have begun the process of writing book two, which I’m even more excited about! I can’t give away any secrets, but it will be exciting with more original songs.

“And finally in 2018, I wrote a book for ages 4-7 called ‘Color It, Say It, Play It, and Create It!’. It starts out as a coloring book for the keys, using the 7 colors of the rainbow for the 7 keys. Students play and say their favorite songs, do rhythm drills, taught in a listen and play back method. The staff is not introduced, however the big notes ascend and descend as though they’re on a staff, making it an easy transition from this book to reading notes on a staff.”

“I hope my piano method book series help students learn to read so fluent, he or she can enjoy reading and playing their favorite songs! I encourage any comments or feedback from teachers and students. Thank you for your time and adding music in this world!”

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  1. I really like that someone published a book where the student doesn’t turn the page to another music concept until they truly understand the one they just studied. I look forward to seeing the children’s book too.

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