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Kathi Kerr-Owner
Thank you for visiting us at Melody Music Studios. I'm Kathi Kerr, owner and founder of Melody Music Studios. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! We would love to hear from you.

About the owner:
Kathi grew up in a musical family, with a mother who is a classically trained musician, and a father who plays the upright jazz bass by ear, so she had the best of both worlds-training and a good ear for improv. Growing up, Kathi regularly performed as soloists, as well as with her family, and knew early on that music was going to be her life! After high school, she studied for 2 years at Point Loma College for piano performance, than after a few years, transferred to The San Francisco Conservatory of Music in San Francisco, CA for another 2 years, studying under Julliard graduate, Mac McCray. Between colleges, Kathi performed, toured and recorded in a contemporary Christian band as keyboardist and background vocalist. While at the conservatory, Kathi started teaching private piano and voice lessons and found that she really enjoyed it. In 1989, she found herself with so many students, she decided to hire some of her advanced adult students to teach her overflow, and thus Melody Music Studios was started.
As Melody Music Studios began to grow, she decided to expand to all instruments and voice, and in 2001 opened multiple cities across the country. Kathi has a love for music, and believes that, while learning an instrument or voice should be challenging, it should also be fun and positive for the student as he/she begin their own personal musical journey.