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Music Lessons In-home or studio

Piano books written by Kathi Kerr for the self learner or in a lesson!
Fake It Til You Make It-A Guide to Playing a Fake Book on the Piano
Have you ever wanted to play easy songs you enjoy quickly? Well now you can with the Fake It Til You Make It book, playing songs you love from a fake book. The student only reads the right hand melody, while playing chords in the left hand. This book starts with keyboard geography, teaching the student to read the treble clef notes and triads for the left hand using rhythm improv patterns to make you sound like a pro in weeks. This book can be self-taught, used in a private lesson or in a group setting.
$3.50 for the PDF download

$6.50 plus S&H for the printed book to be shipped

How to Play By Ear & Improv on the Piano

How to Play By Ear & Improv is great for the beginner wanting to learn chords to accompany a vocalist(s) or to play in a band. This book starts with keyboard geography, then to scales, triads, and chord progessions using rhythm patterns to use for improvisation, and finally to writing your own improv patterns and triads.

$3.50 for the PDF download

$6.50 plus S&H for the printed book to be shipped

For all instruments

Rhythm Workbook for all Instruments
Rhythm is probably the most difficult aspect of music to learn, since reading music involves reading note names along with rhythm. Because of this, often times the student concentrates on the note names and therefore misses a lot of the rhythm. This book allows the student to concentrate only on rhythm, allowing the student to create a consistency and fluency in reading the rhythm. Most students are fluent readers by the time they finish this book. Book 1 begins with the quarter note and goes through eighth notes, reading one line in level 1 and 2 lines simultaneously in level 2. This is necessary for pianists that need to read 2 lines at one time, however for other instruments and voice, since the student only needs to read one line, the instructor or someone else, can tap out the other line while the student taps out their line, to create the ability to carry out one's part while someone else is doing another part. This is a great skill for anyone wanting to play with other musicians. There is also book 2 that will be finished by end of summer 2011, which begins with sixteenth notes, through eighth and sixteenth triples, playing 2 against 3 and 3 against 4.

$3.50 for the PDF download

$6.50 for the printed book to be shipped

Note Reading Workbook Treble and Bass Clefs
Most music reading books teach the "Every Good Boy Does Fine" system, however, I have found that this system only creates a "crutch" in learning, and doesn't allow the student to read fluently by visually memorizing where the notes are on the staff. I believe that repetition and learning the logic of the staff is the best way to be a fluent reader, so in this book, the student learns 4-5 notes at a time, writing the names over and over to create that instant recognition of each note, and therefore making the student a fluent and quick sight reader. This book has 3 levels, level 1 teaches the treble clef, level 2 the bass clef, and level 3 is a recap of both treble and bass clef. Most students are fluent readers by the end of this book.

$3.50 for PDF download
$6.50 for printed book plus shipping and handling
Voice book available Fall 2011

How to Sight Sing Workbook

Ever wondered how a vocalist can read music right from the written music? This book teaches the student how to read the notes without someone playing them for you, using scale numbers and intervals. This is a perfect book for anyone wanting to sing in a choir or a college student that needs help in his or her sight reading courses. Perfect pitch is not required to gain the skill in this book.

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